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Student at University /Conservatory

You are looking for a physiological and natural way to optimize your technique, exercise strategies for dealing with difficult music literature, and an efficient way to prepare examinations as well as piano competitions?
You are here offered a systematic approach to piano technique, in which each aspect is explained in detail and then put into practice through your piano repertoire.This includes, among other things, Scale and arpeggio technique (thumbs and transitions), chord play and octave technique as well as general jumps, thirds, polyphonic play, etc.
Important note: this is not meant to be an interpretation course, but a sensible addition to your main lessons with emphasis on the efficient and physiologically adapted implementation of your interpretation concept.

Music teacher

You are looking for new pedagogical ways that gives you the possibility to teach children a solid basis of piano technique without having to go through endless repetitive scales and conventional piano exercises?
You are here offered alternative technical exercises and the possibility to directly connect the most important aspects of piano technique with any repertoire - following the motto of Franz Liszt,
the "technology of learning" instead of the "learning of technology". 

University Professor

You are looking for a highly efficient and physiological method to teach your students your musical concept?

Do you want to have the necessary physiological knowledge, also enabling you to actively work on preventing eventual physiological problems?
You are here offered more than 15 years of experience in care and counseling of university students and concert pianists. You will get detailed knowledge of basic elements of the anatomy and the physiological laws, which are decisive for the design of the piano technique. In addition, an optimization of the so-called "interpretation tools" (phrasing, articulation, quality and diversity of the sound palette, removal of the sound levels in the polyphonic game, rhythmic feeling, rubato, respiration, etc.) that enables the students to express their music better.

Concert Pianist

You are looking for the possibility to prepare concerts or recordings efficiently by means of scientifically tested methods?   

- being able to express your interpretive concept optimally?
By means of specific analysis (if necessary, even real-time video analysis) you are offered an optimization of your movement patterns and achieving an expansion of your sound palette with additional ways of pushing down the keys. You will also receive exercise strategies for the preparation of important repertory pieces or recordings. In addition you will learn an active prevention strategy for potentially playing-related pathologies through the systematic use of physiologically oriented elements.

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